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  • DL series electronic scales
DL series electronic scales

DL series electronic scales

  • Product Name: DL series electronic scales
  • Product process: carbon steel welding, lightweight and convenient
  • Product advantage: factory direct sales, price benefits
  • Business purpose: your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product description: DL series electronic scales
Functional characteristics:
The pound with mechanical wheels and push, easy to move;
In the electronic scale based on the increase of mechanical pounds, the weighing accuracy is 10 times that of ordinary mechanical pounds;
The carbon steel welding, the weight is only 1/3 pounds of machinery, light and convenient;
The 3 per cent pattern of hot plate, compared to iron mechanical pounds, not easy to break;
The surface spray treatment, corrosion proof.
Product specifications:
The table size: 50*60cm, 60*80cm; special size can be customized;
The range: 100~1000kg;
The bracket: carbon steel welding stand;
The pole: carbon steel.
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