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Automatic weighing equipment

  • Automatic quantitative packing machine
Automatic quantitative packing machine

Automatic quantitative packing machine

  • Automatic quantitative packing machine
  • Model: DCS-1000
  • Packing form: ton bag type
  • Feeding range: 500 - 2500kg
  • Product description: Product Description: this packing machine is applicable to the high precision and quantitative filling of small particles in the industry of chemical industry, mineral resources, building materials, f
The packing machine is suitable for high precision quantitative filling of small particles in the industry of chemical, mineral, building materials, food, medicine, salt chemical industry, nanometer material and so on!
1, DCS-TJX-DB3 type quantitative ton packaging machine is composed of high precision (0.02%) sensor and high resolution control instrument measurement and control system, high precision, stable performance is good.
2, feeding mechanism adopts frequency converter to control screw speed, quantitative control feeding, packaging speed.
3, a wide range of packaging, adjustable in the range of 200 ~ 2000kg. Packing suitable for large packing bag.
4, parameter setting, weighing calibration is simple and easy to understand, easy to operate.
5, with a variety of communication interface, can be used with the computer network for a variety of data processing.
Two, equipment composition
1, screw feeder
2, weighing inner frame
3, outside the frame
4, pneumatic hanging bag, bag pressing device.
5, shaking table
6, electrical box
7, dust collection device
Three, structural principle
1, variable speed feeding mechanism is composed of adjustable speed motor, belt drive, the screw axis and the feeding mouth, feeding mouth to a suction port, a variable speed motor speed control by the electrical box, through the spiral material from the hopper into the package bag.
2, weighing frame:
The weighing frame is connected with the sensor, the weight of the material is transmitted to the electric appliance box, and the operation of the whole machine is controlled by the electric appliance box. The lifting cylinder of the weighing frame hook the angle of the packing bag.
3 electric box
The external signal and sensor signal is transmitted to the electric box, and the electric box controls the starting, stopping, rotating speed and the lifting of the cylinder by controlling the feeding motor.
Four, working process
The tons of bags into the feeding mouth, the packing bag is hung on the four corners of the cylinder, press the "Yun plus" button, then press start and press the bag bag cylinder, the cylinder will bag four open angle, the controller will automatically remove the weight of the packaging bag, quickly filling screw rotation into the bag, vibration Taiwan began to tap vibration material, with air bag dust overflow through the vacuum cleaner sucked from the dust remover, to feed fast to the set value, speed slow down, stop the vibration, to set the value, stop charging. Error <0.3%. When the pressure cylinder cylinder will loosen the bag bag, packing bag four angle will loosen, forklift bags sent.
Note: the above working process is automatic feeding process. The work process can also be changed into a manual feeding process, only the button "automatic / manual" button at manual, press the pressure bag (lifting) "button, the bag tightly, according to the" manual fast "button for fast charging, to be fast to press the" slow and manual "button set value is slow feeding until the set value, press the" stop "button, then the end of the feeding process.
Five, the main functions and technical parameters
Model DCS-1000
Tons of bags
Feeding range 500 - 2500kg
Packaging speed feeding to the end of 2 - 3 minutes / bag
Precision static precision 0.03%FA.OIML III dynamic accuracy 0.1%
Gas source 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa, the consumption of 2M3/h
Power AC380V
Total power
Vacuum vacuum degree 100 ~ 120mmHg vacuum flow 10 ~ 12M3/ minutes
Dimension (length * width * height) 5600x2600x2800
Six, the implementation of standards
Chemical industry "electronic automatic quantitative packaging machine standard" HG/T3130-1998
Seven, the material and appearance and finishing
Materials for carbon steel. Appearance for light color paint
Eight, random delivery of information list
1 copies of product specification
1 parts (including the product installation, operation and maintenance of the product installation, operation and maintenance)
MITSUBISHI inverter using 1 copies of maintenance instructions
1 copies of certificate of conformity
Nine, the commitment to the quality of equipment
Free repair within one year. Lifetime maintenance
Ten, equipment installation and commissioning and technology transfer
The production site as long as the site level, the machine can be placed at random. Need not be based. Packaging automation intelligent degree is high, as long as the manual operation, debugging and packaging machine. Technology transfer is simple.
Eleven, the main parts of the equipment
Metering control system: (main components for OMRON products)
Sensor: production of Chinese and foreign enterprises
Frequency converter: MITSUBISHI Japan
Contactor: CHINT group
Twelve, supporting products
1, dust collector
2, air compressor
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