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Platform class

  • PS series electronic scales
PS series electronic scales

PS series electronic scales

  • Product name - electronic scales
  • Features: fully automatic robotic welding
  • Product advantage: factory direct sales, price benefits
  • Business purpose: your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product description: Product Description: PS series electronic scales
Functional characteristics:
The automatic welding robot, beautiful appearance;
The optional;
The surface spray treatment, corrosion proof;
The selection of various weighing instrument;
Product specifications:
The table size: 30*40cm; 40*50cm, special size can be customized;
The range: 30~500KG;
The bracket: Grilled welding stand;
The pan: stainless steel / carbon steel;
We adjust the foot: M12 (rubber);
The cushion: 5mmEVA.
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