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  • Unattended scale
Unattended scale

Unattended scale

  • Product Name: Unattended loadometer (truck scale)
  • Product specifications: customized
  • Quality assurance: 5 years
  • Enterprise Mission: Your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product description: FAYA-Shenzhen Feiya Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of scales, truck scales, patented forklift scales, electronic scales and other electronic scales. It is a large

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Mainly by the following components: pounds, high-precision sensors, weighing instruments, cameras, railings, to sense the coil, red and green lights, RF card reader, image acquisition card, lighting systems, computers, printers, weighing management Software;
The car in the weighing process without personnel custody, automatic;
The system administrator will RF card sent to the driver, the above car number has been entered and other content, the driver can be posted on the car before the card windshield. To a few meters away from the weighing platform, the reader detected the arrival of the vehicle, in determining the scale platform without vehicles weighing pounds, the import of railings open, so that vehicles through, open the platform scale;
In the vehicle parked, the camera automatically captured the vehicle number of the photos, stored in the computer;
The computer reads the weighing data of the instrument and saves it;
Weighing is completed, the export of railings lifted, so that cars out of the weighing platform;

At the exit, place a single pound printer, and the driver tore off the printed pound and leave.

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