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Hanging pound

  • Battery powered lift
Battery powered lift

Battery powered lift

  • Product Name: battery powered lift
  • Product technology: high strength aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and light
  • Business purpose: your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product advantage: factory direct sales, price benefits
  • Product description: Product Description: battery powered lift
The high strength Aluminum Alloy shell, beautiful light;
It has weight persistence, zero and indexing switching function;
It is equipped with 6v/10Ah rechargeable battery, standby 150 hours full charge;
The hook can rotate 360 degrees, which is safe and convenient;
We are open, wireless remote control and with various types of printing, can print the map hanging pounds.
Instrument using 6V/4Ah nickel hydrogen rechargeable battery power supply,
The scale body uses the large capacity, the 6V/10Ah lead accumulator, the charge can be used for 150 hours.
As many as 2900 groups of weigh data storage, support Chinese input
Built in terminal automatic weighing cumulative procedures, support Chinese input.
Integrity of the interchangeable, modular design, maintenance becomes more simple.
Fully open procedures, according to different occasions can be adjusted and set.
Can edit the Chinese print time, date, weight, name etc.
Optional with RS232 serial output, to achieve communication with the host computer
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