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Table scale

  • Valuation table scale
Valuation table scale

Valuation table scale

  • Valuation table scale
  • Product description: Valuation table scale
Functional characteristics:
Adopt high speed AD 24bits, display stability, return to zero, return to zero, the speed is fast;
Using high precision sensor, the price is rapid, accurate and long life;
LCD large LCD display 82*24.5mm (6, 6, 6 digits), legible; otherwise LED models (RD) are available;
Storage battery, AC and DC dual purpose, easy to carry;
Keys using a tactile design, 3M adhesive plaster, waterproof high;
When the power is not enough, there is a clear low voltage display;
Has the function of changing, automatic correction function;
With good design transport protection point function;

With a dual color LED charging instructions, can clearly indicate the state of charge。

Specification parameter:

model weighing specifications External precision
ACS(SA3)-3 3kg e=1g/d=1g 1/3000
ACS(SA3)-6 6kg e=2g/d=2g 1/3000
ACS(SA3)-15 15kg e=5g/d=5g 1/3000
ACS(SA3)-30 30kg e=10g/d=10g 1/3000
Applicable temperature:0℃~40℃
Power supply: AC 220V(-15%,+10%)+6V/4Ah battery
Pan size:230*290mm

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