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  • Reinforced concrete floor scale
Reinforced concrete floor scale

Reinforced concrete floor scale

  • Product Name: large reinforced concrete (loadometer truck)
  • Product specifications: according to the requirements of custom
  • Quality assurance: 5 years
  • Business purpose: your satisfaction, our motivation
  • Product description: FAYA-Shenzhen Feiya Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of scales, truck scales, patented forklift scales, electronic scales and other electronic scales. It is a large

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Based on the conventional full steel structure of the automobile scale of some of the shortcomings of the research and development. Scale body using reinforced concrete structure, the overall life of up to 50 years or more. Body deformation is negligible, the system error introduced by the scale is very small. Due to the non electric conductivity of the concrete, the lightning strike can be effectively prevented. On the corrosive environment, such as chemical plants, beaches, etc., concrete truck scale also demonstrated its unique advantages. Concrete truck scale installation base size is consistent with standard truck scale. We provide prefabricated steel parts, and in the factory to complete the initial adjustment of the system, concrete casting in the terminal customer site complete. We can also provide prefabricated steel structure for concrete surface of container transportation. Concrete label no less than C30. Electrical configuration and specification parameters can be exactly the same as the standard car scale.

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